Love Historical Fiction?

Join the Club!

For many of us, we love reading. We savor anything to do with historical fiction, and we especially love sharing the experience with others. But let's be honest. It's tough to decide what to read, get to a bookstore, and locate our next book. It would be so much easier if your next book appeared on your doorstep. Here at Retrospect, we aim to make your fictional leap through history easy and exciting!

Image of Lady Sybil Mary St Clair-Erskine. Image of Lady Sybil Mary St Clair-Erskine. Paris Arc de Triomphe.

Here's the Deal

Each month, we pick a new reading theme. Our staff hand-selects three top book choices that fit into this theme. You'll select one book and discover it on your doorstep within a few days. As you dive into the book, we'll provide you with additional resources like background reading about the book's time period and discussion questions for your local book clubs. Ready to dive in?