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Propelled by Connection

Life gives us ups and downs. At times we're just spinning in circles, but occasionally, we pause and catch our breath. Like the Ferris Wheel cresting at the top of the circle, we see a glimpse of the "bigger picture," and the sense of connection strikes us. Yes, we each have our unique endeavors, but when we merge, we propel ourselves forward.

As a web designer, this quest for connection ignites my endeavors. As culture embraces the Internet as our new frontier, we must establish our virtual identity. We must discover our digital voice to connect with one another. As a designer, I'm thrilled to facilitate this virtual connection.

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In every endeavor I pursue, I seek to enhance authentic humanity. This perspective fuels my purpose, both personally and professionally.

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My designs range from small business projects to dynamic, database-driven websites. I carefully consider the perspectives of the user.

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Whether I'm creating a mock-up in Photoshop or enhancing through JavaScript, I love to straddle the roles of design and front-end development.

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